Armitage Photography is a professional commercial photography resource trusted by industry clients in a wide range of fields. They work only with small to medium-sized enterprises to assist them to translate their ideas into physical realities. A collaborative post-production and branding studio that specializes in offering personalized services to clients was established by John Armitage. Oakland, California, native John Armitage attended the University of California, Fullerton after serving in the U.S. Army, and became a Communications Photography student. He soon developed a penchant for commercial product photography and branding after graduating with a BA in 1987. Interning with visual effects (i.e., special effects) photographer Jack Eason helped him develop a passion for lighting effects, which ultimately directed his career path. John formerly worked as a studio manager at a Los Angeles-based graphic design firm before moving to the Norcross and Lilburn areas of the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. He founded Armitage Photography in 1993, in Asheville, North Carolina. John has worked with numerous different kinds of company and corporate clients, thanks to those early beginnings. Since working as a professional photographer, John has completed thousands of jobs. His workspace is outfitted with all the resources needed to work on any size project, including products pictures, room layouts, clothes, and human subjects. With his diverse portfolio of work, Armitage Photography has helped numerous businesses sell their brands in the United States. In addition to John Armitage and Armitage Photography's dedication to nurturing the next generation of professional photographers, they're also focused on helping others pursue a career in photography. By renting out his photography studio and creating an assistance program, John has been able to support artists by providing studio space, training, and guidance. The service areas of Armitage Photography include Lilburn and Norcross, Georgia.